Let’s start with Sales Quote, Order, Delivery, Invoice, Payment, And Credit Note to perform your complete sales activity in it. You can also make Quick And Direct Invoices with it.
Transactions and Reports also available to narrow down overdues and pendings.


Make your Purchase Order, GRN, Deliveries, Invoices , Payments and Supplier Credit notes from here. And also you can make each process on followup or do them direct entries based on your needs.
Direct Expense, Invoices, Quick entries, Can be performed here. Reports and summaries for your Outstandings here.


All your Items and services are created and maintained here with its Stock balances. You can perform Stock analysis and make the Purchases based on needs.
Which also helps to maintain, sales, purchase prices, Reorder levels, Inventory/Warehouse locations.

People And Support.

Discussion helps to create better business by understanding Each other. Let’s connect and make the business successful ever.

CRM And Project Management

A Simple and Lite weight CRM helps to handle your Leads, Inquiries, Opportunities, Proposals, And Projects, and its Invoices. Tasks also available to create and follow up them with it.
Billale, and non-billable projects, Fixed, flexible priced items will be there in it.

HRM And Payroll Management

Personnel Management and their Attendance, Payable Salary, Loans, Advances, Insurance and good profiling to monitor Employees and Perform Payroll calculations with it.
Allowances, and Other HRM settings helps you to create and maintain the Personnel records by connecting with our Accounting and ERP solution


The Process of Assemble, and Unassemble can be done here with its unique stages, which will also helps to create and maintain Bills of Materials.
Create, Release, Issue items,Add additional costs and overhead cost, Finish the work order to produce an item. We have simple and elaborated Work order Process.

Banking And Financial Management

The Accounting and Banking are two interconnected modules to manage the expenses and revenues from your sales and purchases.


Bank operations such as Payments, Deposits, Transfer money between Cash to bank and bank to cash, Features are performed under the banking module, Which also helps you to reconcile the bank statement with banks.
Customer Payments, Supplier payments are also there to connect and maintain the Accounts payable and Receivable Balances along with allocations.

Financial Statements

The Profit and Loss, Trial Balance, Balance sheet are primary Statements from our Accounting software. Which you can get it from any date range. It also available in Excel, PDF formats.
With help of Journal Entries, And General Ledgers, its good to have control on entries in our system. You can create, edit and maintain it.


Taxation is a primary thing when it comes to use an accounting software and ERP. With our ERP and Accounting Software, you can able to perform VAT and GST taxations.
Tax Setups such as Tax percentages, its connected GL entries, Tax group for customers and suppliers, Item tax types for all your items. With that you can apply both VAT and GST taxes.

Other Features

Discussion helps to create better business by understanding Each other. Let’s connect and make the business successful ever.


We have Separate Section for Entire system reports and you can perform the reports in both Exel and PDF, And also you can download reports anytime from there.
Country specific Reports and Tax formats applied with it.

Emails and Inquiries

SMTP configurations and Email Templates also available to connect and send emails to your customers from our software. Which will also have log to check the sent emails from ours system.
Other than that you can perform ticket system to track issues from customers and able to resolve it.