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Automate Processes and get real time visibility into operational and financial performance.

Improve Internal & External Communication

Take your teamwork to the next level. Plain ERP gives you all the features you need to help your team collaborate and deliver great results to your clients

Control the projects your team members can access and help them focus on the right tasks. Create separate workspaces for different teams and projects to simplify your project management.


Seamlessly couple core general ledger, accounts receivable, accounts payable, tax management, fixed assets management, cash management and payment management accounting functionality with real-time visibility and business insights to drive financial excellence.

The Only Tool You’ll Ever Need

Manage your work, your clients and your practice, all with one login.


Accounts Receivable

Plain ERP accounts receivable (AR) enables businesses to easily and quickly generate and send invoices, define credit terms, manage collections — and gain the liquidity needed to fund growth, shorten the credit-to-cash cycle and seize new investment opportunities as they arise. With real-time visibility throughout the entire AR process, finance teams can check the status of receivables anytime, at the macro level as well as down to each individual customer and invoice.

Accounts Payable

Plain ERP accounts payable (AP) automates the review, approval and payment of supplier invoices, giving you greater control over the full procure-to-pay process. Maintain detailed vendor records, create and manage purchase requests and improve data accuracy by automatically matching invoices to the correct vendor and purchase order. Automated journal entries eliminate the need to manually enter debits and credits, saving time and ensuring payments are recorded accurately.

General Ledger

Plain ERP general ledger (GL) automates core accounting processes and provides a flexible structure that adapts to the needs of any organization. Customize account types, transactions and reporting segments to meet unique business requirements. Reduce reliance on manual data entry with real-time bank integration, rules-based transaction matching and auto-posting of journal entries. NetSuite gives finance and accounting professionals the tools they need to maintain accurate financial records, produce detailed reports and close the books on time.

Financial Management

Plain ERP financial management solutions expedite daily financial transactions, reduce budgeting and forecasting cycle times, ensure compliance and accelerate the financial close. Our cloud-based platform delivers real-time visibility into the financial performance of any business, from a consolidated level down to individual transactions. Plain ERP financial management seamlessly integrates with additional business applications — including order management, inventory, CRM and commerce — so you can run your entire business with a single solution

Inventory Management

Plain ERP Inventory Management provides a single, real-time view of inventory across all locations and sales channels, allowing businesses to reduce inventory on hand to free up cash while avoiding stockouts. By optimizing inventory levels and ensuring product availability across multiple channels, NetSuite Inventory Management helps businesses keep inventory costs low while exceeding customer expectations.


Plain ERP Payroll is a full-service payroll solution for employees in the United States that automates payroll processes, including calculating gross-to-net earnings, withholding mandatory taxes, deducting benefits and scheduling and issuing payments. Payroll batch previews help HR spot variances before payroll is run to reduce errors. Real-time general ledger (GL) postings keep GL accounts up-to-date and in balance. Finance leaders can drill down from payroll summary costs in financial reports to individual paychecks to gain insights and make more informed decisions.

Finance Analytics

Plain ERP Analytics reporting and dashboard solution provides built-in, real-time reporting, searches, key performance indicators (KPIs) and dashboards. With embedded analytics, companies can perform actionable analysis and gain meaningful operational and financial insights into company performance across multiple departments and teams. Be confident that decisions are backed by accurate and timely information. Better yet, when used properly, analytics enable businesses to recognize patterns that can predict — and guide decision-makers toward — the best possible outcomes.

FIxed Assest Management

Plain ERP Fixed Assets Management makes financial reporting more timely and accurate by automating fixed-asset depreciation and lease accounting. Develop a comprehensive list of existing assets, including relevant data like acquisition cost, in-service date, estimated useful life and more, and track lease agreement details like contract value, duration and discount rate. Fixed Assets Management lets you manage the entire asset lifecycle, from acquisition to retirement, with ease — and without spreadsheets and time-consuming manual processes.



The Process of Assemble, and Unassemble can be done here with its unique stages, which will also helps to create and maintain Bills of Materials.Create, Release, Issue items,Add additional costs and overhead cost, Finish the work order to produce an item. We have simple and elaborated Work order Process.

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