Types of Invoices

Let’s list the types and know more about it.

  • Pro-Forma Invoice

  • Standard Invoice

  • Final Invoice

  • Recurring Invoice

  • Credit Invoice

  • Debit Invoice

  • E-Invoice

  • Mixed Invoice

Let’s look them in detail one by one.

Pro-Forma Invoice

This is not an actual sales invoice, whereas the term of selling initiated with the invoice and it contains the similar information of the Actual invoice. The pro-forma invoice is also similar to the Sales Quotation and Estimate. But those are all given to new customer, and Pro-forma Generated for the Existing customer and given to them before Sales invoice.

Standard Invoice

This is a traditional and widely used and accepted invoice, which has different looks and standard, its based on the country, customer, product, and service. But its a valid with transaction reference. The Standard Invoice comes with Proper information of Seller, Buyer, Product/Service, Tax, and other necessary information.

Final Invoice

The Invoice is final one and which is accepted between the seller and Buyer. Which means the transaction is over and its done. And its ready to submit it to the Tax Authority. It’s also like Standard Invoice. But this is generated when the business is finalized.

Recurring Invoice

This kind of invoices are usually created with services such as Phone bill, Rents, Electricity, and other services that you get regularly from a provider or issue from you to your customer. It has a deadline and recurring period along with gap time. So that you can run the recurrence based on the time gap, The time gap can be month, week, day, or hours, or something more than that. But it depends on the service that you offer.

Credit Invoice

Invoice created with a sales. but doesn’t got paid for that invoice is called as credit invoice. Which also called as unpaid invoices. These kind of invoices are created with a due date, which actually got paid before the bill date. And this kind of invoices issues with regular buyers and sellers.

Debit Invoice

It’s a prepaid invoice like the Customer who make a bulk amount at first, and he will buy the goods and service whenever he/she requires. Which is actually a prepaid recharge for mobile subscription.


The Invoice issued through a Web software and shared with Customers through a social media sharing or with a direct link, That’s actually helpful with our Software. you can share them to your customers and got that invoice paid in time.

Mixed Invoice

Sometimes the invoice might mixed with few invoice types and business contracted. And also few other types, which are not talked here.

Hope you enjoyed reading the Invoice types. and its situations.

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